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Ashley Akin Pearl


Center of Attraction

By Kristie Ramirez

Photography by Billy Surface


Beauty secrets? Not for these Dallasites. Our four subjects reveal what it takes to maintain their envy-inducing looks and how they make it all look so easy.

Ashley Akin Pearl

“I’ve worked out every day since I was 17 years old,” says Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s Vice President Ashley Akin Pearl. The results are noteworthy and enviable. From those days as a student at The Hockaday School to now, Akin Pearl has maintained a fitness and health care routine that has remained consistent for three decades. “I never skip even one part of it,” she says. Daily cardio and yoga, plus a gluten-free, no-red-meat diet and sunscreen yield a look that belies her age. “I’ll be 50 this year,” she says proudly. Motivation is the only thing that’s changed over the years. “It used to be about being thin,” she says. “Now it’s about staying healthy. Cardio protects my heart and yoga works my muscles.” But she’s quick to reveal her one weakness: warm chocolate chip cookies. “Who can resist Tiff’s Treats?” she says of the warm-cookie delivery service. The answer: no one.

1 “It’s like getting a professional cleansing facial every am and pm, and leaves my pores almost nonexistent.” Skin Cleansing System, $130, by Clarisonic at

2 “This is broad spectrum protection and gives my skin a beautiful dewy finish without feeling heavy. I never leave home without it.” Oclipse Smart Tone, $70,

3 “My colorist, Michael Canalé, turned me onto this color-extending duo that makes my hair feel and look healthier.” Cleanse shampoo and Soften conditioner, $70,

4 “Absolutely love these because they fit like a second skin, making me feel slimmer, but they don’t pinch at the waist and they stay in place during yoga.” Leggings, $50,

5 “It’s a powerful antioxidant that works at the cellular level, slowing down the aging process of the skin!" High-Potency Serum, $110, by Cellex-C at

Hair & Makeup by Lisa Williams with Independent Artists | Styling by Sharon Stone with S2 The Style Agency | Clothing from Carla Martinengo