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Luke Wilson Dallas Museum of Art’s annual Arts and Letters Live


Dallas Maverick

By Lyle Jackson

Photography by Maarten de Boer


As a child, Luke Wilson dreamed of working for the Metro section of "The Dallas Morning News." But being an actor has given him a different way to tell stories.

Dallas’ Luke Wilson is no stranger to a good story. So it’s no surprise that he’s returning home to read “Fish Story” by critically acclaimed writer Rick Bass at the Dallas Museum of Art’s annual Arts and Letters Live March 4.

“I think growing up in Dallas in the ’70s did influence my idea of a good story in that there seemed to be a lot of good characters in Dallas at the time,” says Wilson. “Harvey Gough from Goff’s Burgers was the ultimate character. Bullet holes in his window, slamming a pistol on the counter while you ordered, telling you your order [was] ready by saying, ‘Come here, dummy. Now go.’ Then pointing to the door. Or saying, ‘What do you want, ugly?’ We were scared of him but we thought he was hilarious. Later, we shot the Bottle Rocket short film there and became great friends with him.”

As a student at St. Mark’s, there was no shortage of required reading, but Wilson was most influenced by what his brothers read. “My brother Andrew got me reading the Hardy Boys stories and my other brother, Owen, gave me The Outsiders and Rumble Fish. I liked Mark Twain novels and must admit I read a couple of Judy Blume books as well.”