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Taiji Terasaki, executive director and artist at Terasaki Exhibitions, works diligently.


Art Buzz

By Claire Harper

Photo by Andrew Agcaoili


Honolulu-based artist Taiji Terasaki launches a non-profit organization, Terasaki Exhibitions, which creates and promotes art exhibits that promote global change through art.

Taiji Terasaki transforms Honolulu’s art community with the launch of his non-profit Terasaki Exhibitions. The organization will promote and create exhibitions that explore cultural and environmental issues including immigration, climate change, nature and the preservation of native cultures. Terasaki, founder and executive director of the non-profit, says, “TEx believes that art has the power to inspire contemplation, spark reaction, and catalyze action as well as make meaningful connections between individuals, within communities, and around the globe.” Come March, TEx unveils its debut exhibit at Thomas Square Park in Honolulu. TRANSCENDIENTS: Immigrant Stories of Place is a week-long, public pop-up exhibit (March 8-17) exploring the immigrant communities in Honolulu. Don’t miss an opportunity to immerse yourself in this impactful exhibit.