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Spa Day

By Claire Harper

Photo Courtesy of O’o Hawaii Beauty


New luxury skin care line, O’o Hawaii, makes its island debut at the exclusive Kahala Spa and it’s the perfect holistic approach to skin care regimens Hawaii natives have been looking for.

Already making headlines in the luxury beauty industry, O’o Hawaii is set to launch its coveted products exclusively at the lavish island spa, The Kahala Spa at The Kahala & Resort. With the all-natural movement taking over the beauty world, O’o Hawaii’s nine-product line follows suit by focusing on crystal-infused sustainably-sourced organic products including ingredients like hemp oil, snow mushrooms and crystals, which have been headlining the beauty world for helping heal and energize the skin. Founder Holly Harding says she wants to “keep it simple, just make it effective,” which is exactly what these 100-percent vegetarian products are doing. Both Harding’s line and lifestyle fall in line with the ideas of the trending beauty concept, integrative beauty, which focuses on healing our bodies from the inside out--all the way from what you eat to the products you use on your skin. The Kahala Spa will offer the O’o Hawaii skin care line in their 60-and 90-minute custom facial treatments and products will also be sold at the spa and online. Be sure to book a spa day soon. Custom facials from $200; The Kahala Spa at The Kahala Hotel & Resort, 5000 Kahala Ave., Honolulu; 739.8888