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Liz Smithers


Well Woman

By Jasmine Lombardi

Photo courtesy of Laka Living


Laka Living’s Liz Smithers has created a luxe line of modern pantry staples to enhance your overall well-being.

Living among a lush valley on the south shore of the Garden Isle, practicing and teaching yoga, thriving off the land as much as possible and building a wellness brand... this is the seemingly idyllic—but very intense and passionate—life of Kaua‘i-based lady boss Liz Smithers. The wise-beyond-her-years 20-something is the beauty and brains behind Laka Living, a collection of health foods that fuel your mind, body and spirit through plant chemistry. The adaptogenic pantry staples deliver nontoxic ingredients and potent sources of essential compounds to get and keep you on a path toward high-functioning living. Think Entrepreneurs Guap, a sprouted almond butter base featuring the hottest superfoods like hemp and lion’s mane mushroom to improve creativity, lower stress levels and so much more. Smithers started experimenting with adaptogens more than four years ago, at a time when the concept was still relatively uncommon within the wellness community. Today, adaptogens are all the rage, and Smithers is determined to stay ahead of the curve. “They are easily carried into the body via sugar or fat, so I chose fat to blend them with for a convenient, delicious way to dose up on the good stuff!” explains Smithers, with her usual spunk and enthusiasm. Originally from Virginia, Smithers has found a sense of calm and quiet in Hawai‘i that allows her to tap into her creativity. When she’s not managing the business, whipping up health tonics or perfecting her craft, you can find her at Hi‘ilani Fitness at the Kukui‘ula and Organic Functional Fitness in Lawai, finding her breath and teaching consciousness through a variety of heart-pounding, mindful yoga classes. “Yoga is 100 percent my homebase—my free reset! Loss or lack of spirit is detrimental to overall wellness,” she says. Wise words from a woman who’s making magic—and serious about sharing it with the world.