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Center of Attraction

By Lawrence Elizabeth Knox and Sarah Rufca Nielsen

Photography by Julie Soefer | Jentry Kelley shot at home at The Wilshire | All other subjects shot on location at Hotel Alessandra in Downtown


These four Houstonians are at the top of their health, beauty and fitness careers. Here, they share a few tricks they learned in the trade, as well as a few of their secret weapons for staying fierce, fit and fabulous.

Claire Siegel

Houston native Claire Siegel has long been an advocate for healthy living, delicious recipes, fitness tips and more on her blog, The Petite Professional, which she founded after a semester abroad in Spain. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, the 5-foot-3 dietitian returned home to work at healthy food chain Snap Kitchen, spearheading menu development and recipe analysis. Her nutritional philosophy extends well beyond her occupation, however: The 26-year-old is also a certified Whole 30 coach whose eating habits are almost solely paleo. “I really do believe that health and confidence are things that you can create,” she says. “For so many of us, we think of health as this drudgery, but it doesn’t need to be that. It can be something that fills you with joy, and makes you feel nourished, whole and confident.”

1 “I put this in my coffee and smoothies every morning, and have noticed a serious difference in the growth and quality of my hair and nails.” Collagen Peptides, $43,

2 “I stumbled upon this perfume in a little boutique during a solo trip to Portland, Ore. I’m obsessed with its sort of androgynous, musky, vanilla scent.” White Musk, $35,

3 “This bag looks polished and professional, but it holds up to everyday wear and doesn’t stain. It has a pocket for everything, so I can find anything quickly.” Signature Collection Classic Tote, $245, by Dagne Dover at Nordstrom, in the Galleria

4 “This is my everyday power lip. I love the subtle color of Glossier’s Generation G lipsticks, and the [silkiness] makes me feel extrafabulous.” Generation G lipstick, $18