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Sam Governale


Houston's Men of the Moment

By Ray Dennison and Mellanie Perez

Photography by Julie Soefer | Styling by Habib Issa and Saks Fifth Avenue | Grooming by Anneliese Dernehl and Jahan Telfah for Therapy Hair Studio | Shot on Location at the Star in Downtown


From a pediatric surgeon helping kids be kids to a race car maverick revving up for big news, the men shaping Houston’s future have a no-holds-barred passion for what they do. Here, six trailblazers sound off—in their own words.

Race car prodigy Simon Dawson, who owns Radical Texas with his father, prepares to push the pedal to the metal and transform the sport of racing.

“My father is a bit of a racing legend. When I was a kid in England, he’d go off to races in Japan or other far away places, and he’d bring back the coolest things—race suits, helmets. Growing up near the track, I remember drivers rolling me down the hill in my racing wheels. I played tennis and rugby in college, but I always wanted to race. I moved here in 2007, and then launched Radical Texas, the official licensed dealer of Radical, England’s top sports car manufacturer. Now, we have a test track where we train pro racers for European-style series here in the United States. Radical owners can also come out and spin around the track, while interested racers can do test runs and get behind the wheel for a day with an instructor. We’re also developing a revolutionary natural-gas race car, and we’re about to launch a new racing team with a major, major sponsor that could change the entire sport. Growing up in this industry—and as a father with my own son now—I always felt like the ladies and the children were afterthoughts. I plan to change that. I’m thinking kid zones, corporate meeting rooms at the track, international travel trips for both races and shopping, major brand launches and partnerships. I want to dive deeper, and I want to get everyone excited.” 

Jacket, $3,600, shirt, $450, and pants, $450, all by Ralph Lauren; shoes, $825, by Armani; Big Bang Spirit timepiece, $23,100, by Hublot at Zadok Jewelers