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At First Blush

Michelle Miears and her synth-pop band BLSHS rock in the new year.

Michelle Miears and her bandmates Rick Carruth and Chris Gore play Fitzgerald’s (2706 White Oak Dr.) Jan. 24 to celebrate the release of their new EP.


“Stage fright, bad stage fright,” says Dallas-raised, Houston-based Michelle Miears, 26, lead singer of buzzy synth-pop group BLSHS, when asked her biggest challenge as an artist. Pronounced “blushes,” the group’s moniker couldn’t ring truer for the easily embarrassed and shy Miears. “I really just had to push myself out there.” And thank goodness she did, or so says her growing cadre of fans, all of whom are eager for BLSHS’ first record, Abstract Desires, to hit this month. The raven-haired vocalist—who cites Ellie Goulding as inspiration, and Hanson as a childhood obsession—offers dreamy feet-shuffling tracks and “sappy ballads” with an ’80s vibe. She’s fearless as a songwriter, delving into deeply personal topics like lost love. But is stage fright still there? “Yeah, I’m afraid I’ll forget a word or something,” she laughs, noting how she’d have to resort to the old trick of memory-challenged singers. “I’ll just fill it in by saying ‘watermelon.’”