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Screen Queen

HSVPA alum Mireille Enos sets up for a busy year on-screen.

Look for several new high-profile projects from Houston-reared actress Mireille Enos, star of TV’s The Killing.

To say that Mireille Enos, 38, deserves some R&R puts it lightly. The pint-size, redheaded actress, who made a recent stop in hometown Houston to speak at a High School for the Performing and Visual Arts luncheon as an esteemed alum, has been going nonstop with high-profile projects, including 2013’s film Gangster Squad opposite Ryan Gosling, and World War Z with Brad Pitt. And as she films the fourth and final season of TV’s hit murder-mystery series The Killing, which will be released on Netflix at a date yet to be set, Enos touts several other movies this year.

In this month’s shoot-’em-up Sabotage, Enos stars opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger as a no-nonsense DEA agent. She had to access her inner brute strength, practicing taekwondo and taking weapons training. “The trouble with acting really tough,” she says, laughing, “is you actually have to be really tough.”

As busy as she is juggling so many characters—she also plays the mother of a kidnapped girl in upcoming thriller The Captive—Enos has no trouble picking her favorite role: mother to daughter Vesper, 3, whom she shares with her Ferris Bueller’s Day Off actor husband Alan Ruck. “When I’m with her,” she says, “I’m just mommy.”