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The Couture Kid

Teen fashion designer Amir Taghi hasn’t even hit college yet, but his romantic dresses have certainly hit the runway! 

Having presented three collections in Houston, Taghi is interning at Oscar de la Renta this summer.

“My dresses are classic and timeless,” says fashion designer Amir Taghi, “not just this season or next year, but for centuries.” Timelessness that extends over centuries may seem an unlikely area of expertise for such a young guy; after all, he’s only 17! But a surprising buzz has surrounded all three of his collections, including spring-summer lines for this year and last, and a new one selling at Tootsies for fall-winter, all feminine and romantic dresses, some softly draping black and white with accents of Chantilly lace.

This handsome, bespectacled teen—who’s drawn to the arts, enjoys traveling to Paris, and for fun visits Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue to study the work of other designers—is serious about couture for grownups. He says, however, that clientele as young as 16 also wear his cocktail frocks and special-occasion attire. “I’ve also designed a full-length bridal gown inspired by a love of French fashion,” notes Taghi of a creation featuring a high neckline and full-length lace sleeves.

The Episcopal High student’s parents and kid sister Tina are supportive of his budding status as a style star. Even the family’s Shetland sheepdog Coco is named in honor of you know who. And Taghi gets props from his classmates, too. “Football players keep asking when I’ll do a men’s line,” he says. Which makes sense, as his uncle owns the high-end A. Taghi men’s boutique in the Galleria area. For now though, he’s sticking to womenswear.

Taghi was invited to intern this summer at Oscar de la Renta in New York, working near top designers, “where all the action happens,” says the high school rising senior. And this seems rather the right place to be for a young man whose career is, quite literally, already racing down the runway.

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Tom Ford Black Orchid, scarves, Swims shoes, the iPhone 5, neon yellow accessories, Zara, Tod’s, aviator sunglasses

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Facebook, unfitted clothes, Justin Bieber, rap music, eating with your hands