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Lauded interior designer Chris Socci adds a new, noteworthy notch to his career belt.

Chris Socci


Award-winning designer Chris Socci recently began his term as president of the Georgia chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers. Here, the founder of Atlanta-based interior design firm C. Socci Inc. discusses the city’s interior design scene, what it means to be ASID president and more.

How long have you been involved with the Georgia chapter of ASID? In 2006, I joined as a student member interning at the ASID office at ADAC. After becoming a professional member, I then worked as a committee member, which led to being a board member and then president.

What does being ASID Georgia president mean to you? It means so much, it would be hard to pinpoint the most important aspect. With ASID being the premier organization for interior designers across America, I am truly honored that the chapter has trusted me to be their president, giving me the opportunity to advocate for all of us and our profession.

What about the Design Excellence Awards May 3; what can people expect? The DEA’s are always the premier design event in Atlanta that supports excellent design from our Georgia members. This year, our event will be held at The Fairmont in the Westside Design District, with a Mediterranean flair. You will not want to miss the evening.

What is the biggest difference between running a design company and serving as the head of a design organization? As for my business, I make all of the decisions and work alone most of the time. Having a board of 12 means lots of opinions and discussion, and working toward one goal: to serve our membership to the fullest.

How has Atlanta’s design scene changed? When I moved here more than 15 years ago, it was very traditional and conservative with spots of contemporary. Now, the end users are embracing a more progressive take on design. Trends are moving toward more casual, less formal spaces. I see more open floor plans, lighter paint colors and neutral fabrics with pops of color.

What is currently your favorite design trend? I am definitely pushing myself to buy more quality made-in-America pieces. I also encourage anyone to buy local every chance they get.

What projects are you working on right now that you’re really proud of? A few new-construction projects that require much attention to detail, which I love. Being a part of the team with builders, architects, kitchen designers and other artisans is so inspiring.

When you’re not working, what’s your favorite pastime in Atlanta? I love spending most of my time with family… and did I mention I’m a foodie at heart? I enjoy visiting the newest restaurants—and lots of cocktails.