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A Welcome Evolution

As the new owners of Pineapple House Interior Design, Zach A. Azpeitia and Amber Nixon Gizzi hope to bring new innovation and fresh energy to this high-quality design firm.


For Amber Nixon Gizzi, a successful design is one that, first and foremost, satisfies all of the clients’ wants and needs, and brings to life their vision of the space. She has truly mastered combining vision of her clients with her own stunning taste. “Our goal is to gain the client’s trust enough so that they let us push them out of their comfort zone. In the end, the idea that they were the most unsure about is often their favorite part of the design,” she says. At Pineapple House Interior Design, both Gizzi and Zach A. Azpeitia, the second partner, are well-versed in what customers expect when they hire the longtime design firm—given that Gizzi spent two years with Pineapple House originally before later becoming a partner, and Azpeitia has been with the firm for 15 years before becoming partner himself. That being said, both of them look forward to expanding their clients’ horizons by bringing innovative ideas, bold details, and an unwavering enthusiasm to current and future projects. In fact, the duo hopes to take Pineapple House to the next level, with an eye toward commercial and hospitality clients. Azpeitia says, “Our goal now is to take that solid foundation [President] Stephen [Pararo] developed and build upon it.”

While change through ownership is inevitable, Gizzi stresses this will be a positive for current and future clients. “We will keep our high standards and reputation, but with a fresh new perspective,” she says. “Clients will truly get the best of both worlds with us, in that we are established and experienced, but also young, energetic and current.” 190 Ottley Drive NE