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Treasure Hunt
By Kelsi Maree Borland, Wendy Bowman, Gillian Flynn and Abigail Stone | February 4, 2015

Expert Eye
When San Diegan Dawn T. Maier stumbled upon a rare Karl Springer goatskin desk at an estate sale, she knew she had struck gold....

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Best In Design
By James Munn, Maile Pingel and Kristen W. Terry | February 3, 2015


Among the pleasures of Susan...

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A Castle of One's Own
By Maile Pingel | February 2, 2015

Haute-Garonne, France
$35 million

Just a 25-minute drive south of Toulouse finds you in the tiny medieval village of Saint-Élix,...

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Ottoman Reverie
By Ayesha Khan | February 2, 2015

From powerful Roman emperors to brilliant 21st century Nobel laureates, great leaders, thinkers and visionaries have called Istanbul home for millennia. Overlooking the ancient yet cosmopolitan metropolis from atop one of the city’s...

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Naturally Inspired
By Maile Pingel | February 2, 2015

“This house is a fun, fresh and modern wine country home,” says interior designer Jennifer Macdonald. “It truly reflects its young, vivacious family!” It also reflects its young and vivacious designer, who...

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Blank Canvas
By Gillian Flynn | February 2, 2015

“It’s really not a home unless you have a piano,” exclaims vivacious art enthusiast and patron Karen Fox. “Not that I can play!”

There’s no need. All Fox has to do is swipe her iPad and—voilà...

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Personal Reflection
By Elina Fuhrman | February 2, 2015

Jennie Garth is ready to discuss her latest project, but this time it’s not a TV show. It’s a sleek five-bedroom home in the hills above Studio City. “This is my first modern house,” she says proudly....

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Shiny & New
By Lisa Bingham Dewart, Elaine Markoutsas and Maile Pingel | October 14, 2014

Click here to read more about the latest kitchen and bath innovations in our digital edition...

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Nesting Instinct
Maile Pingel | October 13, 2014

As days grow shorter, our thoughts turn toward readying our homes for the holidays and time spent with loved ones, and for no one is that more true than San Francisco-based designer Nicole...

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Talking Shop
Allison McCarthy, Lisa Bingham Dewart, Maile Pingel, Laura Eckstein and Wendy Bowman | October 13, 2014

Northern Exposure
Modern meets industrial at the new 12,000-square-foot EQ3...

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Up and Away
Maile Pingel | October 10, 2014

London, United Kingdom
$20 million

THE LOWDOWN It really doesn’t get better than this. Set in the top two floors of The Heron, the largest residential tower built in London in the last 30...

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Becca Hensley | October 10, 2014

There are hotels, and then there are Design Hotels. Thanks to the ingenuity of founder and CEO Claus Sendlinger, guests of the distinctive properties have come to expect a sojourn...

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