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Coastal Collective
By Jessica Elliott | April 4, 2018

Set aside any preconceived notions of stripes, shiplap and sailing paraphernalia—there is none of that in the McQueeney lake house belonging to a longtime client of Pulp Design Studios’ Beth Dotolo and Carolina V. Gentry....

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From the Outside In
By Mimi Faucett | April 4, 2018

No one does indoor-outdoor living quite like the Aussies. Think open-air structures, natural materials, a calming palette and a host of environmentally specific design decisions. Sure, the practically perfect weather helps, along with the...

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All The Right Moves
By Helen Thompson | April 4, 2018

There is one specialty of the architect’s craft that rarely gets the respect it deserves. Renovation is a pet topic of DIY shows, but the rip-roaring redos briskly skip past the process of understanding dilemmas that the original...

Duffy Stone

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Set in Stone
By Mimi Faucett | April 4, 2018


Austin designer Duffy Stone is known for her bold, liberal use of color: Think an accent wall of oxblood carpet, allover cobalt carpeted floors and sherbet-toned fitting rooms. “...

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A Lasting Legacy
By Tobin Levy | April 4, 2018

Following the death of Ellsworth Kelly in 2015, the director of the Museum of Modern Art confounded more than a few mourners when recalling his last visit with the artist. “He said all Ellsworth wanted to do was talk about Austin,”...

Celerie Kemble

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New Light
By Phebe Wahl | April 4, 2018

“My collection was inspired heavily by a desire to see softer materials, juxtapositions and mixes of these materials—like leather, milk glass, wood and églomisé—with the harder edges often shown in lighting,” says interior designer...

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Thai Surprises
By Drew Limsky | April 4, 2018


When Sutep Patsuteesutti of Studio Chemistri in Bangkok set to work on two family-owned Phuket resorts—the lavish Sino-Portuguese-style Sri Panwa and the swank...

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Inner Glow
By Tate Gunnerson | January 26, 2018

Some houses announce themselves boldly, the architecture designed to impress passers-by. Others are more subtle, reserving their most noteworthy features for insiders. Architect Shawn Gottschalk and project designer Florence Tang of...

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For the Fun of It
By Jessica Elliott | January 25, 2018

llan Knight was thumbing through Facebook when he saw a video posted by Kathleen Hutchinson. Her three adult daughters—Tess, Holly and Rachel—were dancing on the furniture. But it wasn’t just any furniture...

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Homing Instinct
By Helen Thompson | January 25, 2018

Now that Craig and Lawton Cummings are happily settled in their newly decorated favorite house of all time, it’s easy for the energetic couple to look back at the bumpy road that finally led them to the modern two-story...

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Designing Woman
By Rhonda Reinhart | January 25, 2018


“I never imagined moving to Texas,” says Caitlin Wilson, “and I love it.” The textile and interior designer—whose cheerful and inspiring Instagram account boasts more than 180,000...

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