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Teenage Dream

Girly sweet goes mature chic in this modern bedroom evolution by interior designer Ohara Davies-Gaetano.


1. If this space adheres to the adage “Make new friends, but keep the old,” the Oly Muriel chandelier is everyone’s new BFF. “I loved the play on soft spherical ‘bubbles,’ if you will, with the bold black ink blot paper,” says Davies-Gaetano. The bubbly fixture hits all the right marks with its ethereal shape and clear resin finish contrasting with the striking feature wall.

2. “We loved a few of the core pieces of the room—the antique metal bed, the gold crown molding,” says Dallas- and California-based Davies-Gaetano, “but everything else in the space needed an overhaul.” The starting point for the kid-turned-teen redesign was the handpainted Porter Teleo Ink Blots wallpaper. “The remaining pieces all fell into place from there,” she says.

3. “The room needed some soft nuances to make sure we still realize it’s a girl’s room,” says the designer. Enter the custom blush-colored bench that’s part midcentury, part regency. “The cool thing about my clients,” she says, “is that they are open to an eclectic collection of things.” Hence the bedroom’s perfect juxtaposition of different time periods and styles.