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The sprawling open space sports communal tables for making new friends.

Fully Loaded

by Austin Holt | Jezebel magazine | May 28, 2013

Have you ever seen Kevin Gillespie in action? We’re talking about being up close and personal with the Top Chef maestro as he hacks into a chunk of brisket—double-cleavered, machine-gun style. There is something Zen about it.

We were a little bummed when Gillespie left Woodfire Grill behind. But, now, the void’s been filled with the Atlanta native’s latest pursuit: Gunshow, a no-frills, no-holds-barred eatery in Glenwood that just may be one of the hottest openings of the season.

The first thing that pulls your attention is the menu—its verbiage throws formality to the wind. From tactfully rearranged Southern staples (Rabbit, Taken Apart and Put Back Together)to globally inspired fare (It’s Swedish... say what?), the offerings are overhauled weekly, so you never know what you’re going to get until you walk through the door. Once seated, your eye is drawn to a crew of plaid-clad folks pushing carts piled with small plates—from sharable tapas to desserts—hailing from the wide-open kitchen. Simply pick your plates (selections are tallied as the night progresses) and you’re good to go.

“The constant changes make us better cooks,” says Gillespie. “I never wanted to put limitations on the menu that would impede our ability to use whatever is freshest.”

Side note: Gunshow does wine and beer, but if you’re hankering for a cocktail, stop in at Vickery’s or The Shed next door for a libation before your reservation. You know, for that neighborhood feel.

924 Garrett St., Suite C