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Aw, Derulo brought his mom, who lives in ATL, to our 17th anniversary party with the 50 Most Beautiful Atlantans!

Jason Derulo

Whether you’re totally jealous of Jordin Sparks for dating him or can’t get enough of his club bangers, like “The Other Side” and “Talk Dirty,” one thing’s undeniable: Jason Derulo is on fire right now. We can’t get enough of his latest EP, Tattoos, and are waiting in anticipation for his fourth studio album to hit radio waves in 2014. Until then, discover what Derulo told us after his performance at our 17th anniversary party. @jasonderulo 

Did you have fun partying with us and our 50 Most Beautiful Atlantans?
Tonight was awesome, of course, because of JEZEBEL. There were tons of beautiful people in the building. I was like: Wow, wow, wow! Atlanta is one of my favorite places for nightlife.

You’ve had a crazy year with new hit songs and coming back from breaking your neck during tour rehearsal last year. How are you feeling?
It’s been incredible. At one point, I didn’t know if I was going to be able to walk again, so to be on this crazy high is really cool. The new album will have Pitbull and The Game on it. I’m hooking up a different side of Jason that people haven’t met yet. It’s a little on the dirty side.

Where’d you learn to dance?
I was that kid that would put on socks and dance and sing to Michael Jackson all day. I always looked up to M.J. I searched high and low for the best dancers in the world. I want them to be stars too.