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Nyesha Arrington

NATIV owner and chef, Nyesha Arrington


3 Questions for Angeleno Native and Chef, Nyesha Arrington

By Lesley Balla

Photo courtesy of Nyesha Arrington


L.A.-based chef Nyesha Arrington talks about her new restaurant, NATIV, her favorite dish and more.

The menu is very personal—where did the recipes come from?
My heritage plays a big role—Mississippi roots on my dad’s side, Korean on my mom’s—as does being a native Angeleno.

Is there one dish that really exemplifies NATIV?
There’s this braised rabbit with a sauce diable made with Espelette and chiles de ├írbol. We put that on top of fried green tomatoes and serve it with semolina spaetzle.

Who inspired you along the way?
Raphael Lunetta gave me my first surfboard when I moved here. Josiah Citrin showed me what it was like to be a chef. Working at Joel Robuchon in Las Vegas was next-level. And Marcus Samuelsson showed a level of compassion I have never received from anyone before.