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Hooray for Hollywood

By Meg McGuire

Photo: John Tierney, “Chateau Marmont No. 5” (2016), 24 inches by 20 inches


Realism artist John Tierney reimagines L.A.’s most iconic spots with his picture-perfect paintings.

"THE MOMENT I first visited L.A., I fell in love with the city—it amazed me,” says British artist John Tierney, who paints stunning, realistic pieces that depict some of the city’s most well-known locations, like Chateau Marmont (seen here), Pink’s Hot Dogs, Union Station and more. “Los Angeles provides a very strong basis for my paintings. One is the incredible natural light, and the other is the landscape,” he explains. “All cities have unique qualities about them, but there’s so much color in L.A.—I have a license to do more [here] that other cities don’t allow.” Spoken like a true artist. Price upon request, Gallery Brown, Beverly Grove