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“I want to inspire people to be the best versions of themselves and know that it’s OK to begin again,” explains Hirsch-Solomon.


Lisa Hirsch-Solomon’s Top Spots in L.A.

By Sari Anne Tuschman

Portrait by Carly Hebert


Lisa Hirsch-Solomon is on her way to building a workout empire with the expansion of The Studio (MDR) outposts across L.A. Here, she shares her go-to spots in the City of Angels.

Dine Out
“I love the ambiance at Plant Food + Wine. The menu is seasonal, which means they always find creative ways to server the freshest vegetables and fruits.”

Get Pampered
SandSpa is a nail salon that feels like a true beauty oasis when you walk in. They promote self-care and taking the time to put yourself first.”

In Good Health
Parsley Health is a medical practice with a whole-body approach that helps me live my best life.”

“Me” Time
Pause Float Studio is my go-to for relaxation. An hour of meditation is so necessary, especially for my nonstop brain.”

Retail Therapy
“There is something very special about Logan Hollowell jewelry. Each piece is made with intention. There is a sense of love and magic when you walk in the store, and I feel empowered when I wear her pieces, especially my Eye of Protection necklace.”