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Men of the Moment 2018

By Laura Eckstein Jones, Meg McGuire and Allison Mitchell

Portraits by Kimberly Genevieve


Meet six inspiring men making their mark on Los Angeles and paving the way for a remarkable and career-defining 2018.

I’m appearing in Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.

I’ll be seen in season two of HBO’s Westworld, which premieres April 22.

“I’m one of the very few actors I know that had no intention to be an actor growing up. Halfway through college, I took an elective acting course because I could skip it, but my professor, Karen Anselm, was going to fail me unless I aced the final­­—a performance. I worked my butt off on Stephen Sondheim’s Assassins, and after that performance, Karen asked me to be a theater major. Post-college, I spent the next few years performing at the Williamstown Theater Festival and doing free plays in NYC. When I moved to L.A. in 2002, I was instantly happy. Over time, parts started coming in, and I couldn’t believe that they even let me in the room. Even now, I’m just as stunned. I think work and talent are essential, but the third element is luck. I couldn’t restructure my career in a way that would make me more happy: I’ve always been lucky and feel so grateful with each thing in front of me. My mission now is to be a part of stories that move a social dial toward a better place, with more clarity and understanding of what we’re doing and who we are. Things will change, inevitably, and then I’ll adjust, but for now, that’s what I’m looking for.”