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Deuvo’s praline sweet potato pie


Top 3 L.A. Pie Vendors

By Elizabeth Jenkins

Photo by Andrea D’Agosto


Satisfy your sweet tooth at any of these delicious, local pie vendors.

Deuvo Gourmet
Sheila and Marcus Cavalier honor their family’s Louisiana roots with their pralinecentric sweets company. Inventive flavors like praline sweet potato are available online and at the Larchmont Village farmers market on Sundays. 

The Pie Hole
What began as a stand-alone pie shop in the Arts District is now a rapidly expanding family-run chain. This month, three new locations—Venice, Long Beach and Rancho Cucamonga—will serve up apple crumble and Thanksgiving potpie. 

Winston Pies
Winston-Salem, N.C.-native Brianna Abrams swapped the courtroom for the kitchen, leaving corporate litigation behind to open a pie shop in Brentwood. Enjoy a slice of pumpkin, chocolate or pecan on the store’s Southern-inspired porch swing.