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Pacific Union L.A. President Nick Segal in one of his Pacific Palisades listings


Welcome Home

By Eliza Krpoyan

Portrait by Kimberly Genevieve


New to the neighborhood, Pacific Union International makes its mark on Los Angeles.

Real estate brokerage firm Pacific Union International is building a full-on empire. Its recent acquisition of three luxury firms—John Aaroe Group, Partners Trust and Gibson International—with 900 real estate experts and 21 offices across Los Angeles, including Brentwood, DTLA, Malibu and Highland Park, marked the brand’s L.A. launch. “Each office is unique to the neighborhood in which it’s located,” says Pacific Union L.A. President Nick Segal, who mentions a retail storefront and community outpost center at Santa Monica’s Ocean Park office as an example. “Combining our forces gives us the opportunity to blend the best-in-class intelligence and systems that we cultivated in our respective organizations,” he explains. What does this mean for their clients? “They get an even more seamless experience,” Segal states. “This merger allows us to expand our platform of services and relationships in ways that we never could achieve as individual companies.”

When asked which Southern California locale he is most enthusiastic about, the real estate mogul has a diplomatic answer: “Each neighborhood is exciting in its own way,” beams Segal, who has lived in L.A. since the ’80s. “Silicon Beach has brought double-digit price growth to Marina del Rey. Manhattan Beach, Venice and downtown continue to evolve and are all building momentum.” Segal also notes a continuing upward trend toward condo living. “People are looking for a more effortless way to live,” he explains.

Also on the rise are high-end abodes that cater to those with nontraditional work setups. “We have a 50-home Hollywood Hills development called Enclave coming to market soon that is specifically designed for those who want the perfect home to live and work from,” says Segal. And the hot SoCal market will continue to evolve as well: Pacific Union International is projecting $18 billion in sales this year alone. To borrow from the brand’s campaign: Watch what they do next.