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Women of Style 2018

By Laura Eckstein Jones and Sari Anne Tuschman

Photography by Kimberly Genevieve


Five L.A. tastemakers unveil their wardrobe inspiration—and decode how to stand out in a sea of sartorial sameness.

DTLA designer Heidi Merrick has carved out a fashion niche all her own.

When I want to feel empowered I wear… a beautiful silhouette. The only time I ever show skin is at the beach. My go-to clothing item is... a turtleneck. I wear one to dinner; I wear one camping; I wear one to the beach. I even designed a turtleneck swimsuit—it’s one of my best-sellers. As far as accessories go, I prefer... to not use them. Sartorial simplicity is akin to confidence. My office style is… all black, but always changing in shape and form. I look best in... gowns or bikinis. The one trend I can’t live without is... big sunglasses. Black or white? Both all the time and never mixed! Monochromatic—that’s what’s chic. Dresses or pants? Both! For years, if a dress wasn’t long enough, I would wear it with pants. Never compromise on your hemline! My secret weapon when it comes to fashion is... being true to one’s self is the thing that sets you apart.