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Straight Talk

Chelsea Handler shakes up late night with a new talk show on Netflix.

Chelsea Handler’s new talk show premieres May 11 and will air Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week.

"I don’t miss anything about working,” Chelsea Handler says with a laugh, when asked if her one-year hiatus from showbiz had her hankering for the daily grind. “I want to retire, but I also know that I have a very expensive lifestyle.” Besides, she says, “I bought a house in Spain, so I knew I had to go back to work. I have to pay for it somehow.” This is the kind of candor that viewers have been mad about since Handler debuted her talk show Chelsea Lately on E! and then followed it up with the equally candid Netflix docu-series Chelsea Does this past January. When her new talk show premieres on Netflix this month, viewers should expect nothing different—on the honesty front, that is. Everything else is up for debate. “Chelsea Does was a perfect bridge to what I want to do more of, which is talk to real people and talk about real subjects,” says Handler. She describes her new show, which will stream three times a week, as less rigid than the usual talk show and more like a dinner party at her house. “It will be more intimate,” she says. “It’s not going to be such a production where I’m standing on my mark in the front of the stage and doing my five-minute monologue every night. I want it to feel like you’re in the middle of a conversation.” While Handler is eager to turn the idea of a traditional late-night talk show on its head, the rest of her life is not to be tampered with. “I just thought to myself, I’m so happy right now. I have so much love to give to all these people in my life that why would I ever ruin it by possibly having my heart broken ever again?” says Handler. “I have my nieces. I have my nephews. I have a million friends. I have all the people that I work with. And I think, how could it get any better than this? Don’t rock the boat.”

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