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Hilaria Baldwin, Yoga Vida

“To see each other’s humanity is the first step,” says Hilaria Baldwin of her new guide, The Living Cleverly Method


Best of Manhattan: Health & Beauty

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We are a town of beautiful ideas, of course, and all of the big ones—from the arts to design to food—take center stage throughout the next 12 pages. Consider this your carefully curated primer for the season ahead. Happy 2017!

On A Clear Day
“The city can be overwhelming with its bustling energy,” says New York-based fitness and wellness expert Hilaria Baldwin. The founder of Yoga Vida (and, yes, better half of Alec Baldwin) has recently released The Living Clearly Method: 5 Principles for a Fit Body, Healthy Mind & Joyful Life (Rodale, $17) as the definitive guide on how to manage a healthier mind, body and spirit.

“We all have stresses in our lives, and they get in the way of us feeling and being healthy,” she says. “I have discovered through my own life journey that the remedies to this come from learning to live more clearly and presently—so our lives can unfold the way we want them to. We can avoid stress, show up to exercise and have the willpower to eat good food that nurtures our system, leaving us feeling strong, fit and satisfied.” Baldwin adds, “The principles, exercises and recipes I have included in this book have been lessons I teach to my students in my classroom.”

Baldwin encourages readers to have the courage to make eye contact, take a deep breath and don’t get too caught up on the conveyer belt flow of life, but rather stop for reflection. “The entire LCM begins with perspective, which means we have to slow down—a challenge for most of us,” she says of her program. “Like I do through my Instagram, I break down the defensive ‘my life is perfect’ barrier that so many of us put up, showing that we are all flawed humans, and that this is OK, and the solution is to stick together to support and heal.” Sounds like a perfect plan to us.



LASHING OUT Newly opened spa KarinaNYC offers natural-looking mink lashes and more dramatic 3-D extensions (starting at $280).

Freshen Up
Baltic-born Karina Freedman trained in Europe before moving to New York and finally opening her jewelbox of a spa, KarinaNYC, this year just steps from Barney’s and Le Bilboquet. She is best known for natural-looking mink lash extensions, but her new spot also offers result-oriented facials featuring high-end French and Swiss cosmetic lines (starting at $195). “Some people think these creams are a little costly,’’ she says, sighing. “I tell them, ‘You would spend more on a pair of of shoes, and you don’t put those on your face!’’’ 30 E. 60th St., 212.355.3919

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Park Avenue Skin Solutions

About Face
Fourteen years after working for some of the city’s top Park Avenue dermatologists and plastic surgeons, Lauren Abramowitz, PA-C, who has the golden girl glow of a Tinseltown starlet, opened Park Avenue Skin Solutions, her own esthetic retreat in Tribeca. “My life is all about balance, and I wanted to bring uptown refinement to a place with downtown edge,” she explains. 

Abramowitz, whose focus is on anti-aging, has a full range of cutting-edge tools—fillers, neurotoxins, energy devices and the latest dissolvable threads that give an instant lift in less than an hour with no anesthesia or real downtime. She starts her patients young, with preventative measures, and in some cases treats three generations of a family. “I take a very customized approach to someone’s face,” she explains. “I tell people that we are going on a journey together and I ask them their main concerns. I go through the anatomy starting at the forehead and moving to the neck and chest: I hate when the chest and neck don’t match the face.” Abramowitz uses a hybrid attack, mixing methods to achieve an ideal result and employing a more gradual rather than drastic style. “I prefer to leave a few wrinkles so that people look natural,” she explains. “Initially, I see clients once every two to three weeks and build little by little. I have some with me for fourteen years and we are still evolving.” Her current favorite techniques: microneedling paired with PRP (from $1,500), and threads (from $3,000) coupled with Ulthera (from $3,000). As for the fact that her Park Avenue clients now travel down to see her, she quips, “I wanted to open in a neighborhood where the pediatric population is growing faster than the geriatric population.” 116 Chambers St., 212.417.0002

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