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Alexa Chung


Chung at Heart

By Phebe Wahl

Photo courtesy of ALEXACHUNG


Now you can look as chic as Brit beauty Alexa Chung thanks to her covetable new collection.

“I THINK FOR me, getting dressed is very connected to how I feel on any given day, and then I dress to suit that character,” says sartorial star Alexa Chung. When asked to describe her unique sense of style, she says, “I suppose it’s sort of... collegiate lead singer.”

After years of demand, the English beauty finally launched her own line this year—ALEXACHUNG—capturing her magical mix of European elegance, New York edge and trademark British wit. “I just felt like I wanted to try it and had a desire to make the clothes that were stuck in my head, and everything else sort of grew from that desire,” she says. The collection marries prim party frocks with a modern, rock ’n’ roll-subversive sensibility. ALEXACHUNG will be sold online and at swank shops like The Webster, Opening Ceremony and Bergdorf Goodman in New York.

For fall, Chung was inspired by a mashup of influences. “I had ’80s prom photos mixed with English lads from inner-city projects,” she says of her creative process. “I was preoccupied with this idea of a debutante ball or some kind of well-heeled event becoming disrupted in some way, so there were pictures of the moors in England and poetry from Keats, and this idea that beauty becomes ravaged by something.” $100-$1,200