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Tory Burch

“It’s about being bold and fearless in your passion for someone or something.” –Tory Burch


Love is in The Air

By Phebe Wahl

Portrait by Noa Griffel


Inspired by her parents’ own epic romance, Tory Burch gets personal with her latest perfume.

When my parents met, they had instant chemistry,” explains top tastemaker Tory Burch of her mother and father, who after a grand courtship eloped to Old Sturbridge Village, Mass., in 1961. “My father would take ads out in the Help Wanted section of the newspaper—to send notes to my mother. He would sign them ‘Love, Relentless.’ It was insanely romantic,” Burch says.

Burch captures the essence of her parents’ monumental love story with her latest fragrance called—you guessed it—Love Relentlessly. “We wanted to create a fragrance that evoked the idea of new love,” she says. “We balanced notes of pink pepper and Sicilian lemon, which bring freshness and excitement, with patchouli and ambertonic for warmth.”