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Manhattan's Men of the Moment

By Phebe Wahl



From dapper directors to hospitality’s leading gents, the men of Manhattan are having a moment. Here, seven of the city’s top tastemakers sound off—in their own words.

Director Bart Freundlich may be the handsome husband of A-lister Julianne Moore, but his coming-of-age-in-NYC tale, Wolves, is the star lighting up the screen.

“I wrote it as a short story in 10th grade. A lot of the times, a romantic vision of a writer is someone who is isolated... or sits there staring at trees and a calm lake at Walden Pond—but I think growing up in the city and the constant contact with all different types of people gave me an understanding of the diversity of experience that I was then able to translate into a lot of my writing. You have to really protect your own inner life when you are growing up in the city. You have so much input constantly. I don’t consciously... only set things in New York City, but that seems to happen. I always start with what I know. As a director, I find the city gives you so much built-in production value. All you have to do is go outside and shoot the scene on a certain street corner and it gives you such a texture and such a specific vibe. I have so much confidence that growing up in the city was such a great thing for me. Mainly just because it serves as a jumping off point, where you can do anything in the world, and meet and handle all different types of people. I am always trying to get to the human experience.”

Film director Bart Freundlich in a suit by Tom Ford, shirt by Saint Laurent and shoes by Calvin Klein, at The Marlton Hotel

Photo by Gregg Delman