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Women of Style 2018

By Phebe Wahl

Photography by Gregg Delman


Five Manhattan mavens share their sartorial secrets—and prove that style is a deeply personal pursuit.

The mogul mom and CoverGirl model proves age is merely a mindset.

I knew I first fell in love with fashion because... I’ve always wanted to dress nicely. [When I was] 15 years of age, my mom sent me to pattern cutting, so I could make my own clothes in the latest styles, like bell-bottoms and tent dresses. These weren’t in the stores yet, but they were in the magazines.
My signature look... changes all the time. I walk my dog in comfortable sweatpants or jeans. When I go out, I dress up a bit. When I’m on the red carpet, my look can be very exciting.
Fashion has played a role in my career because... by remaining fashionable, I continue to work as a model. Who knew I would be the busiest at 70?
I feel most empowered when I wear... clothes that are fashionable and fit me well. They give me a lot of confidence. I have a new Mantu trench. When I wear it, even over workout clothes, I feel fabulous. Also, heels make me walk tall and confident.