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Women of Style 2018

By Phebe Wahl

Photography by Gregg Delman


Five Manhattan mavens share their sartorial secrets—and prove that style is a deeply personal pursuit.

The fashion stylist to the biggest stars in music and entertainment always hits the high notes.

I started developing my own unique sense of style... from a very early age of 6; I would wear my grandmother’s big ’70s Pierre Cardin glasses to school.
My first major fashion moment was... when I was in kindergarten and I organized my first fashion show.
I would describe my style as... sporty glam.
My signature look is all about... hats and big glasses. What others may use to hide I use to punctuate.
My sense of style has impacted my career because... it’s been my calling card. Clients love my fearless approach to fashion. I like taking things out of context and creating a dialogue with my look. You have to be pretty sure about yourself to play with clothes the way I do. My career in the music and fashion world has afforded me that confidence.
My power wardrobe move is... a cocky suit with a strong shoulder.
Best style advice I ever got was... [to] always show up in character and be prepared to make a statement without uttering one word.

Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images