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Women of Style 2018

By Phebe Wahl

Photography by Gregg Delman


Five Manhattan mavens share their sartorial secrets—and prove that style is a deeply personal pursuit.

The Finery founder offers a different spin on fast fashion.

I find it amazing that... in a woman’s lifetime she will spend 10 years of her life getting dressed and shopping. So that’s two years deciding what to wear and eight years shopping. Half a trillion dollars of her clothing will remain unworn.
We are trying to fix that. For me, fashion is... a way to express youself, but it is also a huge time-suck. It should be an expression of your personality and should say a bit about you. But it can say way too much about you if you are spending too much time on it and putting yourself in a debt of time and money because of it.
When I go shopping... I make outfits on the app. Before I buy anything, my minimum is that it has to go with three outfits.
Sometimes I wonder what if... we were not having to do our hair and makeup and spend time getting dressed. How much further ahead would women be? Before an interview, you should spend time preparing what you are going to say, not what you are going to wear.