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Barry Diller

Take a look at media mogul and IAC Chair Barry Diller, by the numbers.

Barry Diller

“What I’ve learned over the years is that focus and singular purpose is the best approach for businesses.”

$2.1 billion: Diller’s net worth as of 2013, as reported by Forbes

150: Number of brands under Diller’s company, IAC/InterActiveCorp

4,200: Number of employees at IAC/InterActiveCorp, as of 2013

32: Age Diller became chairman of Paramount

$200 million: Price Diller paid for his 305-foot yacht, Eos

3: Number of years it took Diller to become a talent agent after working in the mail room at the William Morris Agency

1969: Year Diller created the ABC Movie of the Week, pioneering the concept of the made-for-television movie

$1.6 million: Amount Diller reportedly expensed in personal travel in 2009—just on vacations

5: Number of years Diller worked with Tina Brown on The Daily Beast

26: Number of wedding bands Diller gave Diane von Furstenberg for their 2001 wedding, representing the 26 years they were not married during their on-again-off-again relationship

$15 million: Amount Diller and von Furstenberg donated to the nonprofit conservancy that operates the High Line in 2011 ($20 million was also gifted to the park from the Diller-von Furstenberg Family Foundation)

4th: Diller is credited with turning Fox into the fourth viable network

$140 million: Amount Diller took when he left Fox in 1991, after Rupert Murdoch refused to make him an equity partner

80: Number of years that the print edition of Newsweek was published before becoming an online-only component of The Daily Beast

1: Number of things Diller and wife Diane von Furstenberg fight over. “Our only fight is that he likes to have the dog in the bed and I don’t,” she says.