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Best of New York

In NYC, the only constant is change. As we celebrate five years of Manhattan magazine, here’s a look at the very best of the city we love—then and now.

Top model Cara Delevingne


Model of the Moment
2009: Named Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards, Georgia May Jagger, with her full lips and toothy gap, challenges the industry’s notion of a model as she garners campaigns as diverse as Hudson Jeans and Versace.

2014:Another Brit stunner, Cara Delevingne—and her signature bushy eyebrows—sets the modeling world ablaze, garnering her the label of the hardest-working model in the business.

2009: Upscale Americana is all the rage, a continuation of recession interests. The subsequent rise of the blog A Continuous Lean, which highlights quality American-made brands, helps seal the deal on the lasting eminence of everything from sportswear to East Coast prep.

2014: Tom Ford’s fame is now elevated beyond his era at Gucci, thanks to Jay Z’s name-dropping rap lyrics in a song named for the designer and Justin Timberlake’s status as the brand’s unofficial ambassador (Ford wisely advised him to start straightening his hair).

Fashion From the Small Screen
2009: Mad Men nostalgia all but dictates how professional men and women alike dress as they clamor to emulate the slick world of Sterling Cooper’s Don Draper and Joan Holloway.

2014: Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope on Scandal makes waves with her elegant ensembles and designer bags.

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