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Editor's Note April 2013

Ah, technology. Being a parent can feel like a constant battle against it, as we fight to keep the deluge of devices and video games and social media from overwhelming our existence. However, I’ve found some technology that can actually be a blessing, not a burden—tech that makes being a parent in this hectic city almost manageable. I’m about to put gold before you (you can thank me later).

Cristina Cuomo

Uber car service is one of the best apps ever invented for a New Yorker’s iPhone. As someone who’s taken probably 20,000 taxi rides (I miss the old Checker Marathon cab), I appreciate that with the tap of a finger, Uber sends me a black sedan in minutes, and keeps me updated with a text containing the driver’s cell phone number and photo. And the rates are on par with the TLC!

Insist on driving yourself? Try a Mercedes BlueTec diesel SUV (my own ride). It’s the size of an old-school station wagon—but has the carbon footprint of a lawn mower, thanks to clean-diesel technology.

Different musical styles are playing all the time in my household. Half the songs my kids crave, I don’t know—but Shazam does. Tap the app and it recognizes any tune, anywhere. Then I download the song to iTunes or look it up on Pandora with my Sonos app, and voilà: That selection and similar songs will play on a rainy Sunday so the kids can rock out.

Finally, meet Jawbone’s UP bracelet, a cool gadget I bought at the Apple store for $129. It monitors sleep patterns—how many hours of deep and light sleep you’re actually getting (I’m averaging five hours total) and how many times you wake up in the night. It also tracks your steps throughout the day, the calories you burn, as well as other things a mom needs to know to make sure she still has a pulse.

Now, on to this month’s Manhattan. Certain indulgences are timeless (and I’m not just referring to my classic Manolo Blahnik suede BB collection). There’s nothing like a good laugh, so in this, our Men’s Issue—which my friend comedian Seth Herzog helped produce—we feature the new men of comedy, interviewed by Seth himself. Included are legend Colin Quinn, whose sharp, funny tweets make you laugh and wince at the same time, and Brit wit John Oliver, who will be taking over The Daily Show for Jon Stewart this summer.

Luckily, laughter’s all around us if we just bother to look for it. There’s nothing that makes me giggle more than when my 3-year-old clenches and shakes her fists and puts on a big smile when she’s excited, or when my 7-year-old sings his rendition of “I’m Sexy and I Know It,” or when my 10-year-old does her Nanny McPhee impression. Priceless.

Laugh on.

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