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Editor's Note April 2014

In E. B. White’s 1949 book Here Is New York, he writes:

“New York is the concentrate of art and commerce and sport and religion and entertainment and finance, bringing to a single compact arena the gladiator, the evangelist, the promoter, the actor, the trader and the merchant. It carries on its lapel the unexpungeable odor of the long past, so that no matter where you sit in New York you feel the vibrations of great times and tall deeds…”

 In this epicenter that White outlines, all that is as true today as it was more than six decades ago. And in this, our annual Men’s Issue, we here at Manhattan hope to capture all those figures with our own dashes of history, fanfare and, above all, style.

Our modern-day evangelist comes in the form of a quiet, self-reflective, inspired (and inspiring) man—Transcendental Meditation master Bob Roth, who, in our Datebook column, writes about the health benefits to society of the simple act of meditation.

In Icon Index, we celebrate the arrival of gladiator Phil Jackson. As an NBA coach, Jackson earned 11 NBA championships—not to mention the two he won when he himself was a Knicks player in the early ’70s. Here’s hoping he does it with today’s team!

In Money Makers, we feature powerhouse attorney John Pappalardo Jr., a proponent of living within legal limits—but also a savior of those who think they’re above the law.

And let’s not forget the arts. This month our feature offers a roundup of top actors who’ve called New York City home, some of whom I proudly consider friends. Actor Alessandro Nivola, whom I’ve known since the ’90s, recently produced the HBO series Doll & Em for his wife, Emily Mortimer, the creator and star of the new comedy. What people might not know is that Nivola also happens to be a very good singer and guitar player, and would rock out to Oasis hits and Radiohead’s “High & Dry” way back when. Josh Charles, who just left The Good Wife, is another longtime friend who may play serious parts onscreen, but has a wicked sense of humor and regularly does stand-up comedy. And when I first met the hilarious Thom Lennon, he was the most famous of the bunch, having made a name for himself on MTV’s The State with Michael Showalter (another old pal of mine), a sketch comedy series that ran from 1993 to 1995. I’m happy to say that all of these actors have gotten even more talented over the years.

And, finally, a nod to all the other New York City aficionados in this issue who are making waves—and history—on our fair isle.