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Editor's Note September 2013

Fall is upon us, bringing a renewed vigor, a hunger to enjoy new experiences and dive back into life just for the joy of it. That desire to do more, to know more, is the secret to staying young in mind and in spirit—and, lucky for us, it attracts us like a bright, shiny fishing fly bouncing in the water, drawing us to new adventures even in the midst of our remarkably overprogrammed city lives.

Cristina Cuomo

Recently, I got in touch with that desire all the more profoundly during a transcendental meditation seminar—a week of early mornings with TM master Bob Roth, hosted by the very centered and lovely designer Kelly Behun Sugarman. It’s amazing how the simple act of sitting still for a short time can transform a cluttered, anxious mind into a clean creative center!

That searching spirit is also the essence of one of my favorite books of my youth, The Catcher in the Rye. Now that I’m all grown up, I wanted another taste of it, so I started reading it again, and it’s refueling my excitement about the J.D. Salinger documentary, Salinger, coming out this month.

We hope that energy is captured in this supercharged, freshly redesigned September issue, in your hands just in time to recommit to good living. For inspiration: a new column, Positive Prescription, by Dr. Samantha Boardman; an excerpt from musician David Amram’s forthcoming book, David Amram: The Next 80 Years, a reflection on New York during the Beat era; and awe-inspiring fashion from our wondrous fashion director, James Aguiar, who made our cover star Jennifer Hudson look even more beautiful than she sounds, if that’s at all possible.

As the poet Samuel Ullman wrote, “Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.”

Leap in.