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Shape Shifters

Whether you kept up your fitness routine through the holidays or are looking for a fresh start for the new year, here are five NYC trainers to help you reach whatever your 2014 fitness goals might be.

Erika Bloom practices Pilates in her Upper East Side Studio.

1. Erika Bloom
With studios in Manhattan, East Hampton, Greenwich, Conn., and even the Turks and Caicos, Erika Bloom specializes in Pilates and yoga, while offering a holistic approach to health through bodywork, nutrition counseling and acupuncture. For a truly personalized experience, her team will even come to your home. DETAILS: 14 E. 60th St., 10th Floor; 212.288.3410

2. Ben Hart
A Tier-3 trainer at the city's Equinox locations, boxer Ben Hart is known for whipping clients into shape with an approach that works out the body while also training the mind. Watch out for more info from his Qinetic training network, set to re-launch this winter. DETAILS: Various locations

3. Will Torres
For those ready to reach new heights in their fitness level, Will Torres and his Willspace team of Precise Physical Engineers offer customized training programs that combine, lifting, martial arts and cardio with a focus on precision and proper breathing. The dedicated only need apply. DETAILS: 254 W. 10th St., Suite B; 212.929.1800

4. Mary Ann Browning
Mary Ann Browning of Brownings Fitness is a fitness-scene favorite for her signature approach to wellness. Socialites, moguls and celebs (and those who just aspire to look like one) seek out the former prima ballerina's advice at her NYC and Southampton studios. DETAILS: 980 Madison Ave.; 315.292.7547

5. David Kirsch
Combining his expertise in exercise and eating well, David Kirsch helps his celeb clients get into shape in a “New York minute” with personalized programs at the Madison Square Club. DETAILS: 210 Fifth Ave.; 212.683.1836