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Shops for the Summer

Take your summer style to the next level with our selection of boutiques scattered across Lower Manhattan.

Glamour at Old Hollywood

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Assembly New York
Effortless elegance is the perfect way to describe this high-end boutique. The white wood floors and beige accents make you feel like you’re at a beach party, accompanied by a small furnished patio garden in the back. Style ranges anywhere from laid back casual wear to chic originals from Assembly New York’s own line. Men’s styles also available.
DETAILS 170 Ludlow St., 212.253.5393,

Welcome to the country club of the lower east side. This small, golf-shop designed boutique is your one-stop-shop for preppy pieces. Gargyle has a wide selection of shoes, sunglasses, and bags. Printed tops and summer dresses are a great choice at this moderate-to-high priced boutique. Men’s styles also available.
DETAILS 16A Orchard St., 917.470.9367,

Honey in the Rough
Detail is key at Honey in the Rough, where bohemian style blossoms. The clothing rack features an array of colors, patterns and textures—no basics here. Earthy jewelry is available along with a skin care line, hair products and nail polish.
DETAILS 161 Rivington St., 212.228.6145,

Old Hollywood
Travel back in time with this 1950s style boutique. This vintage boutique is full of all the classics. Old Hollywood is layered with accessories, bags and small gift items, and a great selection of edgy jewelry is also featured. Men’s styles are available at their Brooklyn location.
DETAILS 250 Broome St., 646.454.0166,

Patron of the New
This chic boutique is for the ultimate fashionista. Concrete floors, white walls, black columns and gold accents create a modern, sophisticated atmosphere inside this spacious Tribeca boutique. Patron of the New boasts fashion lines with a European influence and even includes a section of home furnishings.
DETAILS 151 Franklin St., 212.966.7144,