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Sweet Surrender

Cool off this summer with an inventive frozen treat from the finest ice cream parlors in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn.

Malu’s vanilla ice cream with chocolate mistakes (any chocolate that breaks gets thrown into the mix) and mixed berry sorbet, a refreshing blend of raspberry, blueberries and blackberries

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Malu’s flavors change daily, so count yourself lucky if you can nab a taste of roasted fig with balsamic vinegar. The menu also comprises a range of other ice creams, frozen yogurts and sorbets for more or less adventurous palates, like the ice cream parlor classic mint chip or the ambitiously named Sweetleaf Rocket Fuel (we can only imagine how that tastes). Check out the Malu website for up-to-date information about the flavors currently on tap. DETAILS 12-09 Jackson Ave., Long Island City, 718.729.6258,

With dramatic names like Olympus’s Torch (plaintains foster ice cream smothered in flaming caramel sauce) and Scorched Earth (roasted black sesame ice cream), Alchemy Creamery lives up to its name. Its selections are dairy- and gluten-free, making the perfect sweet treat for those with dietary restrictions. Find Alchemy at Williamsburg’s Smorgasburg festival this summer, Saturdays from 11am to 6pm. DETAILS Saturdays at Smorgasburg, N. 7th St. at Kent Ave., Williamsburg, Brooklyn,

At first glance, Victory Garden’s signature Victory Garden Herbal Blend might look like the name one would find on a tea label. In fact, the shop uses a traditional Middle Eastern recipe to create its soft-serve goat’s milk ice cream, which incorporates herbs and flowers into a decadent dessert free of additives and hormones, and with a lower fat content than cow’s milk. DETAILS 31 Carmine St., 212.206.7273,

Exotic Asian flavors are the standard at Brooklyn’s SkyIce, but the black sesame seaweed reigns supreme. It can be ordered by the scoop at the Queens restaurant, or as part of the rich Winter Roll dessert—fruit-flavored sticky rice in rice paper, topped with ice cream, candied ginger and green tea-chocolate sauce and served up with chocolate chop sticks. DETAILS 63 Fifth Ave., Park Slope, Brooklyn, 718.230.0910,

Coolhaus gives customers wild combinations of ice cream and gourmet cookies to be the architect of their own ice cream “haus.” While exact flavors vary among trucks and depend on the day, a Coolhaus classic is the brown butter and candied bacon. Pair it with the cinnamon toast crunch cookies for a smoky indulgence. Enjoy Coolhaus at one of its three mobile vendors in New York—follow the brand on Twitter for up-to-the-minute location information. DETAILS Locations vary, 347.252.6660,