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The Best Fall Cocktails

Sip these sublime fall-inspired cocktails slowly.

The Autumn cocktail at Empellon Cocina.

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Autumn at Empellon Cocina
Expertly crafted by Naren Young, the moniker Autumn really says it all: pear in the form of puree William eau de vie; dashes of apple bitters; maple syrup for sweetness; and amontillado sherry for balance. The base of reposado tequila lends nuances of oak, spice and vanilla. Think of an Old Fashioned, but high-minded. DETAILS 105 First Ave., 212.780.0999,

Drunkin Pumpkin at TreDici Steak
This fall-inspired cocktail offers up organic ingredients and a pumpkin puree that is good enough to eat alone. The foundation is made up of organic pumpkin-spiced vodka, followed by a few drops of cinnamon-infused syrup, amaretto and a house-made pumpkin puree to close. It is served in a frozen nutmeg and cinnamon spice-rimmed martini glass. DETAILS 128 W. 26th St., 212.243.2085,

The High Priest at The Dutch
Beverage Manager at The Dutch, Chad Walsh, insists this blend of jovial ingredients age in a mature whiskey barrel before allowing it to be served. The flavors—including bourbon, amaro, elderflower and cardamom—infuse together to create this deliciously warming drink. DETAILS 131 Sullivan St., 212.677.6200,

I Hear Banjos at The Wayland
You’ll start out with a palette full of rich warmth provided by the rye whisky ingredient. A sweet bite will then consume your taste buds from Wayland’s own exclusive apple pie moonshine and in-house apple spiced bitters. You’ll finish off this not-so-simple-sip with smoky and sweet from an apple wood smoke. DETAILS 700 E. 9th St., 212.777.7022,

Legal in Vermont at Jimmy at The James Hotel
The vanilla, maple and oak tones of the bourbon in this drink combine with the spices of cinnamon and the unusual flavor of muddled Japanese shiso, which complements the sweetness of the maple. All of this is tied together with a few dashes of orange bitters for a citrus component, and topped onto a cinnamon-infused ice block so as this drink melts, it gets better. DETAILS 15 Thompson St., 212.201.9118,