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Shatner relives his "Star Trek" days in his new stage show. Photography by Dan MacMedan

The Last Frontier

by Kelly Skinner | magazine | November 9, 2012

There’s the stuff of legends. Then there’s William Shatner. Spanning a career that’s included Denny Crane, T.J. Hooker and, of course, Captain James T. Kirk, the actor, author, negotiator, narrator and singer doesn’t look like he’ll be slowing down anytime soon. Currently touring Shatner’s World: We Just Live in It..., a one-man show about his life coming to Atlanta on Jan. 13, Men’s Book caught up with the perpetually suave performer who had time for just eight questions about Star Trek, being a man and running in the rain.

The stage show is about a bar. Research had to be tough. What sparked the idea for Shatner’s World: We Just Live in It...? I was asked to do it in Australia, and it just grew and finally ended up on Broadway.

You talk about your life in the show, so how big of a separation is there between William Shatner the persona and William Shatner the man? How big of a gulf? It has got to be as big as the Gulf of Mexico.

OK, then who would America elect as president? You, the Priceline Negotiator or Captain Kirk? You understand that The Negotiator and Kirk are the same person, and he has already been offered the position of Governor General of Canada.

You’ve never played a Governor, but you have played a lot of guys in uniforms (cops, lawyers, captains). Off screen, do you tend to take charge? Well, I have been working out recently, and mostly I walk around in my skivvies.

Interesting... then, what has been your favorite role over the years? I was a break-dancer in a large musical that opened in Australia to great reviews. I have an alternative name—it’s Hugh Jackman.

You’re not taking my questions very seriously. So I’ll ask this... When you have the extra time, where do you like to go when you’re in Atlanta? I like to run marathons, so I will choose a route and run in the rain.

More seriousness... What is something you wish your dad had said to you? ‘OK, Bill, you can have the car.’

Speaking of your dad... In five words, tell us how to be a real man. Get the hell out of bed—which is six words, which proves you are a real man.