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Gentleman driver Lee Davis puts racing fashion back on track.

Racer Lee Davis is behind the wheel of his fashion empire.

When clothing and race cars are mentioned in the same breath, the typical ad-covered jumpsuit certainly comes to mind. However, Atlanta native and driver Lee Davis took a fashion detour when he created Luna-C Clothing (

“There was nothing really out there in the racing world but tops that looked like bowling shirts,” Davis lamented, while packing for his trip to Daytona for the Rolex 24 Hours. “I [decided to start] Luna-C, which is basically auto-influenced, technology-infused and racing-inspired clothing.” Now, his company is producing stylish clothing for everyone from racing enthusiasts to the 20-something who shops at Raw Denim.

Outdoor sports fanatics (and just guys in general) would consider Davis’ life thus far the stuff of dreams. After graduating from The University of Georgia with a degree in landscape architecture, he worked alongside his father designing golf courses worldwide. Davis eventually entertained his fixation for racing by taking a Panoz racing course at Road Atlanta and was hooked. In 2004, he progressed into a highly successful driver with his weapon of choice—the Porsche 944.

While his career blossomed to the point of winning two back-to-back Pirelli Cayman Interseries Endurance Cup Championships in 2010 and 2011, Davis noticed the fashion void—and his mental wheels began to turn. It took him three years to develop the brand. The fabrics enable not only racing gear—but everyday street clothes, too—to perform the once unthinkable: boost the wearer’s energy levels, regulate body temperatures, block UV rays and utilize self-cleaning capabilities that can repel penetrating elements like car oil. Ever since, Luna-C has been in full gear.

From racing exotic cars at speeds of 170 mph to developing a clothing line and designing 18-hole courses in Luxor, Egypt, we had to ask: Is there anything else we should know? He humbly answers, “Oh, yeah, I’m also a pilot.”

Well, of course.