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Atlanta’s own Daniel Newman writes music, models and, of course, acts. You may recognize him from that little-known Georgia-filmed TV show, The Walking Dead, which premieres Oct. 22.

My parents separated when I was a kid, so I was always in Atlanta with my dad, and my mom was down in the country in McDonough. I had a great experience with both worlds. Seeing the way Atlanta has developed over the past years... it’s such a global hub now. Growing up, I was obsessed with films. When I was 11, I told myself I wanted to be an actor. I started mowing lawns and saving up money. I found local headshot photographers and made appointments. I was hardcore. At 15, I got Macaulay Culkin’s agent, went to Los Angeles. for a month and worked a little bit. My family told me if I really wanted to do this, then do it when I get out of school. So I came back to Georgia and finished high school, then attended Yale University before moving to New York and Europe for modeling. I started getting booked at Calvin Klein, then Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior, and lived in Paris. I came back to Georgia about three years ago to take care of my mom. I had auditioned for The Walking Dead many times... but this time, they told me they wrote this role for me. I was blown away! It is a dream come true. Going into next season, we are trying to focus on developing my character and his storyline. It’s going to be adrenaline pumping.