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A superior coif says a lot about a man. If your head’s looking haggard, go for a cut above at Mary Todd Hairdressing Co.

The old-fashioned barber shop feel of Mary Todd Hairdressing Co.

Bedhead and scruffy sideburns may have won you admiration and dates in college, but you’re not 20 anymore. Gone are your ramen noodle days—you’re a grown man. You don’t need to save a buck by visiting hack-job barber chains or asking your wife to “clean up” the fuzz on your neck. It’s time to get a proper haircut. “If you spend $3,000 on a suit and you have a [bad] haircut, no one’s going to notice the suit,” insists Scotsman Steven Sloss, co-owner and stylist at Cabbagetown’s Mary Todd Hairdressing Co.

Within the year-old salon, with its ragtime tunes, antique knickknacks, and rows of Mary Todd pomades and beard oil, one expects George Clooney to throw open the doors at any moment and sidle up for a straight-razor shave.

The shop’s central couch, ancient barber chairs lining a brick wall and the image of Sloss perpetually puffing a pipe offer the space a speakeasy feel—although bang-up haircuts are the stars of the menu. “We don’t necessarily want it to feel like you’re coming to see your hairdresser,” Sloss says of his far-reaching clientele—which includes executive businessmen and edgy artists alike. “It’s more like you’re coming to see the whole shop.” Whether it’s a beard trim, a throwback shave or a high-and-tight haircut, Mary Todd’s barbers insist that you loosen your tie, enjoy a brew and forget the office for approximately 45 minutes (the typical time for a haircut, wash and beer).

“You’re only as good as your last haircut,” wrote author Fran Lebowitz. Take that to heart, and get thee to Mary Todd. 188 Carroll St.,

Follicle 411 With Steven Sloss
On baldness “The less hair you have, the more you should take care of it.”
On dome shape “Get a haircut that complements the shape of your head. Your facial shape is less important. Unless you have very, very extreme features, you should really be getting a cut that complements your personality and your head’s shape.”
On product “In general, opt for pomades for hair styling, and just use a small touch. Try a beard oil to soften and tidy up facial hair.”
On tidiness “We’ve returned to the well-groomed man. Parts and cleaner styles are back in. The messy look is out.”

Bathroom Blitz
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