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By Luis R. Rigual

Portraits by Nick Garcia


Eating right, exercising and choosing the right products are essential when it comes to optimal health and beauty. For proof, look no further than our four subjects and the must-haves and philosophies they swear by.

Doris Glenn Richards
To look and feel good, this fashion entrepreneur believes variety is key.

There’s probably nothing related to fitness that Doris Glenn Richards, the powerhouse behind the new Sexy Sweaties athleisure brand, doesn’t already know. “I moved to South Florida to train with Olympic coaches for springboard diving and went on to win three national championship titles,” she says. “I would train six days a week for six hours each day.” Although that regimen is behind her, the lessons it taught her are not. “My body craves intensity and frequency when it comes to exercise,” she says. “I don’t stick to one thing. Kickboxing, tennis, horseback riding... I do it all.” And it shows. Richards understands that she’s selling health, so looking, feeling and knowing the part are key. She’s conscious but not fanatic about eating right (“I just listen to my body”), and she’s savvy in regards to beauty regimens and products, opting for top-of-the-line everything. As she likes to put it, “It can only help.”

1 “I always wear my Nike Apple watch when I’m running outdoors. I chose the black style so it would match with everything.” Apple Watch Series 3, from $1,299, Apple stores

2 “Fleur Narcotique is a very sensual scent, but appropriate for everyday use.” Fleur Narcotique eau de parfum, from $225, by Ex Nihilo at Saks Fifth Avenue stores

3 “I have my La Prairie eye and lip compact with me all the time. It has eye gel and protective lip balm that I use throughout the day.” Anti-Aging Eye & Lip Perfection à Porter, $184, by La Prairie at Nordstrom stores

4 “Music is a must when working out. I put on my AirPods and tune out the world.” Wireless AirPods, $129, Apple stores

5 “When I want a little something extra in terms of nutrition, I incorporate The Super Elixir supplement into my morning routine. I take it before my coffee.” The Super Elixir, $135, by WelleCo at Gee Beauty, Miami Beach