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Alli Webb Drybar

Drybar founder Alli Webb knows the perfect blowout is a must in any woman’s beauty regimen.


Hair Apparent

By Riki Altman-Yee

Photo Courtesy of Drybar


Alli Webb brings her Drybar sensation to South Florida with two new Miami salons.

Alli Webb, the founder of the nation’s premier blowout bar with 70 locations currently in its portfolio, says it was not humidity that kept her from opening Drybar in Miami until now. It was all about location, location, location. “We [had to find] just the right space,” she asserts.

She would know. Webb has been professionally styling hair—including her own curly locks—for 20 years. Originally from Boca Raton, Webb’s career got a kick-start after she left her job at Nicole Miller in Miami Beach to attend beauty school. “I always knew I felt better about myself when my hair was blown out,” she recalls. Moves to New York and, eventually, California ensued. “I told [my best friend] I should start a mobile blow-drying business when I got to L.A., so I did,” she says of those early days. “I would charge $40 and go work while my baby was sleeping. It got very busy very quickly.”