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Men of the Moment 2018

By Rebecca Wallwork

Photography by Nick Garcia


Meet five forward-thinking individuals shaping Miami’s future and setting the stage for personal and professional triumph in 2018 and beyond.

So far this year, Likhov’s Modern ŌM has launched nine group meditations in neighborhoods across Miami.

The Modern ŌM Festival returns in late 2018 and is expanding intonew markets in 2019.

Despite doing all that was expected of him—from working in finance to receiving his MBA from Wharton, to founding the successful yoga studio Green Monkey—Myk Likhov spent much of his 20s and 30s searching for purpose. “Mindfulness is a tool to do just that,” says Likhov. His spiritual journey was the genesis of his post-Green Monkey venture, Modern ŌM, a platform for helping others develop deep self-awareness. “Everybody finally gets it,” he says. “More money and material success don’t guarantee happiness. True joy and abundance are only found within.” By making meditation and intentional living fresh and accessible—via beautifully crafted malas, jewelry and apparel infused with the meanings of the chakra system, and by organizing group meditation classes across Miami—Modern ŌM is proof that Likhov has an uncanny knack for staying one step ahead of the zeitgeist. As his Zen empire grows, Likhov’s commitment to fostering community will stay front and center. “Modern ŌM is going to move the needle,” he says, “and make the world a more conscious place.”