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Men of the Moment 2018

By Rebecca Wallwork

Photography by Nick Garcia


Meet five forward-thinking individuals shaping Miami’s future and setting the stage for personal and professional triumph in 2018 and beyond.

Bairos’ and Hyken’s Nu Deco Ensemble performs at the renowned New World Center this month (April 20-21).

This summer, Nu Deco Ensemble will head to the studio to recordits first album.

The founders of Nu Deco Ensemble describe their company as an “eclectic chamber orchestra designed for the 21st century,” but they began their careers following a more familiar pattern, attending Juilliard and perfecting their instruments—tuba for Jacomo Bairos and trumpet for Sam Hyken. The pair met at the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, and immediately discovered they had similar desires to be a part of whatever was next in the evolution of classical music. Since their first concert at Wynwood’s The Light Box, Nu Deco has been actively shaping that future, blending new compositions by Hyken (also the ensemble’s CEO) with classic pieces and re-imaginations of contemporary music by groups like Radiohead and Daft Punk, and Bairos serving as conductor. The fresh take has been a smash hit. “In our first full season, 60 percent of the audience was under 45,” says Hyken. “That’s unheard of in classical music.” As their popularity continues to grow, Bairos admits that the power of performance to bring people together can be almost overwhelming at times. “Sam and I often look at each other after a concert and wonder, What just happened?” he says. “It’s music. Music just happened, and that makes us feel more human and more alive—and more hopeful for the future.”