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“This moment was epic!” says Joseph Quiñones, one of many fans at Beyoncé’s Miami concert in July.

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American Airlines Arena, Miami

He wasn’t the only one who felt that way. After flying over the packed American Airlines Arena in a cloud of glitter, Queen B made her way to the BeyStage at the back of the floor section to perform her 2006 hit “Irreplaceable.” To say concertgoers went wild when she began to sing the “To the left, to the left...” chorus from the song about giving a lover his walking papers is an understatement.

“She passed the microphone to several fans to sing along with her,” adds Quiñones. “And that’s when all the camera phones came out in full force.” Mrs. Carter went on to deliver plenty of other crowd pleasers during the show, proving her pop diva status is well deserved, but for Quiñones, this moment was one of the evening’s best.

“She’s the ultimate perfomer,” he says, “and this concert proved it.”